Math is a subject that builds upon each topic. The tools and skills covered in each lesson need to be practiced to be mastered. As a student, you need to continually ask yourself:

  • Do I understand what I'm doing?
  • Why am I doing it?,
  • What information is needed to use this method?

HOMEWORK will be assigned and checked each class period. You need to plan to spend time everyday on your homework. There may be problems that you have difficulty solving. In this case, you need to try the problem to the best of your ability and then ask me to explain it during the next class period.

PARTICIPATION & ATTENDANCE - Each student receives 1 point each day for doing the daily warm-up (Do Nows). Daily points are deducted every time a student is UNEXCUSED, ABSENT, or LATE!  Do Nows are 10 % of your grade so it is VERY IMPORTANT TO BE ON TIME!  Students must be in their seats when the bell rings or they will be marked as TARDY. Every 4 unexcused tardies will result in a lowering of your citizenship grade.

HOMEWORK AND ABSENCES - For every excused day that a student is absent, they will have one day to turn in their work to receive full credit. No late work is accepted without a valid excuse! 

QUIZZES are given once a week. Students cannot make up missed tests or quizzes unless they have an excused absence. GROUP QUIZZES are given periodically. Students collaborate on various topics as aligned with the Common Core Curriculum.

Grades will be updated on School Loop every day or two so please use School Loop to view your progress.


  • 3 ring binder/or spiral notebook
  • Graph paper or graphing notebook
  • Colored Pencils/or highlighters
  • Dry Erase Markers and Eraser (or cloth)
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Compass and Protractor

COMMUNICATION: You can email me through School Loop anytime or directly at:

Stop by any lunchtime, if you need extra help.

PARENTS: The best way to get in touch with me is through email. I will return your email within 24 hours.