Architecture+Design students at Asawa SOTA will be immersed in an interdisciplinary design studio culture which will introduce them to concepts and methodologies from fields such as architecture/landscape/interior design, industrial design, and graphic design. Students will learn how to design through making and drawing as well as the use of current computer technology and manufacturing techniques.

The 4-year program will include specific design projects in which students will be engaged in critical design thinking, individual and collaborative projects. Students will be introduced to the history and theory of design in multiple fields. Students will also have the opportunity to develop a capstone project in their senior year in which they will work with a professional designer in a chosen field.

Design experts will engage our students through lectures and focused design projects. Through our partnership with SFMOMA, students will meet and work with cutting-edge artists, designers, curators, and enjoy special access to the museum’s collections.  

Students will graduate from the 4-year program equipped with critical thinking and making skills showcased in their portfolios and will be ready to pursue further education and employment in a variety of fields.


  • Design thinking
  • Introduction to hand craft 
  • Techniques for making and representational language
  • The invention of form and aesthetics
  • Introduction to computer representational skills
  • Introduction to designers and artists
  • The body as site and object generator
  • Introduction to designing spatial experiences, circulation, and landscaping
  • Introduction to presenting work: Design narrative and public speaking
  • Introduction to building a portfolio 


Critical thinking and making skills from the first year of study are further developed with added complexity to the projects 

  • Introduction to 3D software modeling and rendering 
  • Introduction to digital fabrication 
  • Materials and methodologies 
  • Designing functional objects 
  • Designing advertisements 
  • Designing a habitat for living 
  • Urban site design 
  • Design build 1 
  • History + theory 1 


Critical thinking and making skills from the first and second year of study are further developed with added complexity to the projects 

  • Mapping and diagramming 
  • Parametric design 
  • Programming: Gaming and animation 
  • Advanced materials 
  • Introduction to structures 
  • Designing fashion accessories 
  • Design build 2 
  • History + theory 2 


  • Defining a capstone project that is discipline based from a chosen field of study 
  • Designing a body of work for a final presentation and portfolio 
    • Fashion 
    • Industrial design 
    • Urban
    • Landscape
    • Architecture
    • Interior