Dance auditions begin promptly at 9 am so it is advised that prospective students arrive early to warm-up.  Dancers must wear tight fitted clothing, preferably a leotard and tights, and may wear ballet shoes, jazz shoes, dance paws, or dance in bare feet.  No sweats or baggy clothing will be permitted.  Auditions are closed to the public.  

The audition is composed of three parts:

  • a group class
  • solo choreography
  • a written questionnaire

Auditions will start with the class portion. Students will follow along through a warm up and technique in center floor, across the floor phrases, and a combination that will be taught and then performed by students in small groups.  Styles covered in the class will include ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz techniques. 

Applicants will then have an opportunity to perform a solo of up to 1:30 minutes, in a style of their choice. Students must provide their own music, an auxiliary cord will be available. 

The final component of the audition consists of a short written questionnaire in which students will be asked about their previous training, as well as their reasons for wanting to become a member of the Department. 


All prospective students are strongly encouraged to sign up to shadow a dancer in the department for a day.