GUITAR is part of the Instrumental Music Department at Asawa SOTA. All Instrumental Music students receive instruction in both the academic and performance aspects of music. Performance covers solos, small ensembles, and large ensembles in 4 distinct strands– Band, Guitar, Orchestra, and World Music & Dance– each with its own director, audition process, and learning environment. The academic component, common to all, focuses on music history and musicianship. The Common Core classes are taught to the entire department. Students perform throughout the year and are regularly coached by other performers and Artists-in-Residence.

The heart of the Guitar program is the study of classical guitar and its rich pedagogical history. Students are also encouraged to pursue projects in flamenco, blues, jazz, pop, rock, metal, and other styles and to compose and perform their own music. In addition to the program coursework, guitar students are required to take private lessons with their teacher of choice and to make regular progress in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program for Guitar. A list of suitable teachers and resources for financial aid are also available. Contact, Scott Cmiel, program director.


  • solo performance
  • guitar ensemble
  • technique
  • fingerboard harmony
  • playing by ear
  • sight reading
  • improvisation
  • history of music 

 IM CORE CURRICULUM  ear training • sight-singing • music history • music theory