Students with an interest in understanding and experiencing the collaborative nature of film and video arts, the desire to develop and master the creative, technical and academic skills needed to successfully communicate through image and sound, and the possibility of a media arts career are encouraged to apply. Students accepted to Media often demonstrate a strong artistic background in one or more of the following areas: script/playwriting, video production, visual arts with an emphasis on storytelling or comic art, graphic design, animation, film criticism, photography, performance in video or film productions.

To be considered for an audition, applicants must submit AT LEAST ONE of the following, but may include as many as they'd like:

A finished film or video project, 3-5 minutes in length, preferred formats: Quicktime, .MOV file submitted on a flash drive, or hosted online (be sure to include URL)

A storyboard of one short project

Audio recordings, 3-5 minutes in length

Short stories or scripts, 3-5 pages

5-10 samples of visual art in original or slide form: photographs, paintings, drawings, visual art

Evidence of collaborative work on a project or event.

Students may also include additional work samples which demonstrate a unique aspect of their work.


Students who have passed the portfolio review will be granted a 20 minute audition/interview to discuss their interest in media arts production, portfolio submission(s), past artistic experience and technical training in related fields. Students will also be asked to complete a writing assignment to demonstrate the power of their ideas, commitment to the creative process and desire to be part of SOTA's thriving artistic community.