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We seek students who have demonstrated a willingness to build their skills through and investment of time and energy. Ideal candidates have a strong artistic interest in one or more of the following areas: script/playwriting, video production, visual arts with an emphasis on storytelling or comic art, graphic design, animation, film criticism, photography, performance in video or film productions.


Submit TWO of the following:

  • A finished film or video project, 3-5 minutes in length, preferred formats: Quicktime, .MOV file submitted on a flash drive, or hosted online (be sure to include URL)
  • A storyboard of one short project
  • Audio recording, 3-5 minutes in length
  • Short story or script, 3-5 pages
  • 5 samples of visual art in original or slide form: photographs, paintings, drawings, visual art
  • Evidence of collaborative work on a project or event



The audition consists of a writing assignment and group production task, discussion of your portfolio, prior experience, personal ambition, and program expectations.