All grade level students auditioning for Musical Theatre will be asked to present:

  • Two 16-bar excerpts (One Ballad and One Uptempo) from Classical AND Contemporary Musical Theatre Repertoire. Classical Musical Theatre Repertoire includes musicals written before 1965. Contemporary Musical Theatre Repertoire include musicals written after 1965. Note: If your Uptempo is from a Contemporary Musical, your Ballad must be from a Classical Musical, or vice-versa. Please bring a copy of your music for the Musical Director (recorded music, self-accompaniment, or "a capella" presentations are NOT permitted. Outside accompanists/coaches are NOT permitted at audition).
  • A one-minute Comedic or Dramatic monologue from a published play, not a musical.
  • A short cold reading from a monologue selected by the audition committee (no home preparation is required). This portion of the audition should demonstrate a student's ability to sight-read a dramatic selection.
  • A choreographed combination dance routine, which will be taught on the day of the audition (Please bring your jazz shoes and wear unrestrictive clothing).
  • There will be a short interview with the Audition Committee.
  • Students will write 1-2 pages, reflecting on their audition experience.
  • All students must bring a current wallet-size photo with their name written on the back (a small snapshot, school portrait, or headshot, or high quality photocopy is acceptable).

How to introduce your Song and Monologue

Before you begin your song and monologue, you must introduce yourself and let us know what you’ll be performing during your audition. Use the script below for your introduction.

Before your song:

“Hello my name is _________ and I will be singing _____ from ______. For my second piece, I will be performing _____ from _______.”

Before your monologue:

“I will now be doing a monologue from the play _______ by _______. My character’s name is______.”