20%  MT CHOIR                                  

20%  THEORY • MT I (Freshmen/Sophomores) • MT II History of Musical Theatre (Juniors/Seniors)

20%  SCENE STUDY • Scene & Monologue Study • Improvisation • Character Development

15%  DANCE • Ballet • Jazz • Tap

15%  PROJECTS & ASSIGNMENTS • Daily Logbooks • Production Notes • Presentations (Oral/Written)

10%  ACTING FOR THE SINGER/PERFORMANCE PRODUCTION • Performance Production includes Writing Musical Theatre (Juniors) • Senior Ensemble Music Project • Musical Theatre Spring Production (All) • Repertoire


Students will not pass onto the next class level or receive an “A” without fulfilling all of the above requirements.

Participation & Dress: any 3 combined unexcused absences, tardies or non-dress days per grading period reduces your grade by one full letter grade.

Students must receive an “A” from every artist/teacher with whom you have contact to be able to receive an “A” on your report card.

Students cannot pass on to the next class level if you do not receive a satisfactory recommendation/evaluation from every artist/teacher with whom you have contact.


Our curriculum is Ensemble centered– all members rely upon each other for a successful learning experience. Punctuality and reliability are valued traits for professional artists; the Asawa SOTA Musical Theatre Department holds its students to these same standards. Regular attendance is critical and will be a significant component of each student’s grade. Three “tardies” will count as one absence. Three absences will lower the student’s earned grade by one full letter. Students should check the Musical Theatre Department Callboard daily for updates to the schedule to ensure that they are on time for their Studio.

EARLY DISMISSAL In order to provide a consistent education and to insure fairness to all ensemble members, students must be present for the entire school day. Early dismissal for any outside additional class or extracurricular activity is not permitted (excluding medical appointments).

CELL PHONES Cell Phones must be turned off (not simply placed on silent) upon entering the Classroom, Rehearsal Hall and Theatre. Texting is not permitted.

LOGBOOKS Students are required to bring their logbook and a pencil to EVERY CLASS and record daily notes for every class. Logbooks will be checked at the end of every six-week grading period.

SOTA DISCIPLINE PERFORMANCES Students must attend two SOTA performances or exhibitions of any of the other arts disciplines per semester. Each student must submit two event programs (signed by a teacher or administrator on site) and a one page performance report in your logbook at the end of each semester. 

EXTERNAL ARTS INSTRUCTION AND PERFORMANCES Due to the particular scope and sequence of the curriculum and anticipated performances outside the realm of classroom instruction, we ask that students consult with the Head of the Musical Theatre Department before enrolling in or auditioning for any outside artistic endeavor (e.g. other arts programs, camps, competitions and performances).







The dress code in the Musical Theatre Department is designed to minimize distractions, encourage discipline, and maximize physical ability. This class requires form-fitting clothing, allowing the body to be seen and move freely. No baggy clothing, bare legs, exposed midriffs, or items that restrict movement. Students are required to follow the Department Dress Code unless otherwise told by the AIR/Teacher.


  • Clothing loose enough so you are free to move, but not overly baggy.
  • Rubber Soled Shoes – Absolutely no open toe sandals or heels during class 
  • No rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, or tongue or lip piercings. The only acceptable earrings are small studs.


  • Leotard, Shorty Unitard, Unitard - any style or color
  • Ballet tights or tight-fitting leggings, worn over or under leotard.
  • Split Sole Ballet Slippers in canvas or leather. 
  • Hair MUST be pulled away from face and off neck. Preferably in a bun.
  • Leg and body warmers. Keep warm. Keep ankles warm. 
  • Ballet Skirt. (Optional) 


  • Jazz pants. (fitted pants, any color or style. No Dance Shorts are allowed)
  • Sports top or Dance top 
  • Hair MUST be pulled away from face and off neck.  
  • Jazz shoes (any style)
  • Tap Shoes
  • Character Shoes 

We receive a discount on items from a number of dance supply stores, and are happy to arrange orders if needed.