Phat Cash Flash

Join the Phat Cash Flash—the biggest, easiest way to support SF's artist-educators. Your donation to SOTA's Artists-in-Residence program will help us meet our flash fundraising goal of $10,000 with minimal fuss and give us the green light to create more awesome community events like Phat Sunday.

Krewe Giving Levels

$1–$98L'Ordre du Bon TempsFeelgood
$99–$197Juju KreweMore feelgood
$198–$296Le Krewe SetA whole lot of feelgood
$297–$395Déjà KreweBuckets of feelgood
$396–$890Krewe d'HuileA boatload of feelgood
$891+Mystik Flight KreweMystik quantities of feelgood
  • Q: What is Phat Cash Flash? A: Phat Cash Flash is a flash campaign to raise funds in support of arts educators while allowing Phat Sunday ticket prices to be inclusive of our entire community. Add up what you might have spent, for example, on gala tickets, new clothes, auction items, and raffles, and drop it here instead. Then get some feelgood.
  • Q: What is feelgood? A: It's that feeling of all of us giving whatever we can, right this minute, to support arts education.
  • Donors at every level will be recognized on the Phat Cash Flash Donors page of and in other acknowledgments!
  • Donations support the Artists-in-Residence program at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts. Your donation receipt will be issued by FoSOTA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

About Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts: Serving a diverse population of 600 public high school students admitted by audition, SOTA offers a full academic curriculum complemented by pre-professional arts training in a learning environment where vision, creativity, and passion are valued in the development of the whole person. The school draws on the talents of its esteemed faculty as well as more than 80 artists-in-residence who are professionals from the broader arts community.

About SOTA Artists-in-Residence Program: SOTA engages professional artists to teach year-long courses, master classes, and workshops in music, voice, dance, theatre, production, media, creative writing, and visual arts. Supported by Friends of SOTA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the program introduces students to fresh ideas and hands-on experience while supporting the Bay Area's exceptional artists and cultivating the next generation of arts educators.

For questions or help making a donation, contact