The pianists 6 week grade is based on:

  • 50% Piano as described by the following:
    • 30% coaching sessions-attendance, quality of  preparedness, takes direction and integrates new ideas into the music.

    • 30% piano performance class; proficiency and progress demonstrated during weekly performance class.

    • 20% Written  and oral critiques, concert reviews

    • 20% chamber music, or  improvisation.class, music history or “effort” which translates into the amount of material learned per grading period or semester.

6 week grade 

  • 0% Piano Grade
  • 25% Vocal Lab  

  • 25% Written & Aural Theory

 Semester grade

  • 5% 1st 6 week grading period
  • 25% 2nd 6 week grading period

  • 25% 3rd 6 week grading period

  • 25% Final/Winter or Spring Piano Recital

Home Practice: 

  • Students must have access to a piano outside of school for home practice.
  • Regular daily practice to promote proficiency on the instrument: 2 hours minimum.
  • Students are encouraged but not required  to study privately with a reputable piano teacher. In the event that a student cannot have private lessons, arrangements may be made with the director.


  • Piano recitals serve as the final grade in the Piano Lab for each  semester and are open to parents,   students, faculty and the general public. Recitals occur in early December and early May.

  • Selected piano students will be required to perform in the Fall/Spring Chamber Music Concerts, the Vocal concerts with their assigned singers, Senior Vocal and Old First Concert. Chamber Concerts occurs in late Otober and late March. Vocal Concerts are scheduled in mid-October, April, and May. Senior Vocal/Piano Recital occurs in early February.