Design is everywhere, and when excellent, engages us with inspiration, provocation, and excitement. 


 Joseph Becker, Assistant Curator, Architecture and Design, SFMOMA

Founded in 1935, SFMOMA was the first museum on the West Coast devoted to modern and contemporary art. But SFMOMA is more than a museum–it's a platform for exploring the world in new ways. SFMOMA's collections show how artists, architects, designers, and other thinkers and makers navigate the world. Through examining their work, specifically in Architecture and Design, we can gain new perspectives on our own lives and the world around us, from the clothes we wear to the furniture and technology we use each day to the buildings we spend our lives in.

SFMOMA's partnership with Asawa SOTA offers students up-close access to SFMOMA's collections, including historical and contemporary works of architecture, furniture design, product design, and graphic design. Students will not only learn about the story behind these objects, but will gain an understanding of what it means to be a designer in today's world–how designers think, and how they create. Part of the partnership between Asawa SOTA and SFMOMA involves students working directly with key architects and designers themselves, along with learning more about roles in both of these fields as well as within the museum itself. Students in this program will apply what they've learned from studying and interacting with design to create their own work, and to define their own identity as a maker and thinker in the world.

Asawa SOTA's Architecture+Design program is part of SFMOMA's ongoing commitment to integrate modern and contemporary art across the curricula offered in Bay Area schools, particularly within the San Francisco Unified School District.