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Includes three (3) drawings and one (1) shoe box project

Three (3) drawings on 8-1/2" x 11 paper. 

  • TWO-POINT PERSPECTIVE in pencil. Check the internet tutorials for examples of two-point perspective drawings
  • LANDSCAPE from a photo or life (use color pencil, water color, crayon, or acrylic)
  • STILL LIFE from a photo or life that contains three (3) or more objects (use color pencil, water color, crayon, or acrylic)



Includes five (5) drawings and one (1) shoe box project

Five (5) drawings on 8 ½” x 11” paper. 

  • All costume drawings must be original designs
  • Drawings can be done in pencil or any other medium
  • Drawings may be mounted on poster board with fabric/trim swatches (optional)
  • Portfolios may include photographs of original costume or sewing projects (optional)

SHOE BOX PROJECT for both Stagecraft & Costume + Fashion Design
Build a 3-dimensional set/scene or art sculpture in a shoe box. All contents must fit inside a shoe box that closes. No boot or other boxes. Be inventive, thrifty, and imaginative and make sure all objects are firmly glued and/or attached. For best results, research, experiment, practice, and give yourself enough time.

Clearly label your shoe box with student name and chosen strand - Stagecraft or Costume + Fashion Design

MATERIALS: shoebox and other items (paint, glue, paper, cardboard, recycled "found" materials). Avoid using store bought items. 


The audition consists of drawing, a skills ,tools, and measurements assessment, a group project, and a brief interview to discuss your portfolio and work. Portfolios are returned on audition day.