To be considered for a Technical Theater audition, students must submit a portfolio. If you do not have a technical theater background or possess limited drawing and painting abilities, DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM APPLYING AND SUBMITTING YOUR ART WORK! The Technical Theater Department is an exciting environment which accepts students from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of skill and experience. 

The portfolio audition projects are designed to be low-cost to produce. We encourage you to follow the instructions, concentrate on the assignment, and do your best. Success in this department is often dependent on research and experimentation. If you feel like you could use more information on the assignments, a simple internet search can provide you with literally hundreds of free tutorials to inspire you.

For example, type in: “one point perspective tutorial”. In very little time, you will be impressed by what you are able to create by simply following along with a pencil, paper and ruler. As for the shoebox project, create one for yourself as a practice exercise. It may end up being the one you choose to submit; if not, then create a second one. The more you practice, the better your final submissions will be. Avoid using store bought items such as toys, figurines, miniature doll furniture, LED lights, etc. When you're done, and you've delivered your work to the school, the lid should come off the box and the word “wow” should be in the viewer's mind.  Good luck!

In addition to the Asawa SOTA application materials, students should review and complete the following:


a) Either a Tech Design Portfolio OR a Costume Design Portfolio. See specifics below. Drawings must be in an envelope or a folder. 

b) The Shoebox Project is required for all applicants, along with either a Tech or Costume portfolio. Review the description and expectations below.

ALL materials must clearly identify the student name and Theater Tech Department. Portfolio materials will be returned upon request.



Submit a minimum of 3 but not more than 5, of the choices listed below on 8-1/2" x 11 paper. Perspective drawings are to be executed in pencil. Choose watercolor, acrylic or pastel for the others.

  • a basic ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE drawing (an alleyway, a room with a table, etc.)
  • a basic TWO POINT PERSPECTIVE drawing (a birdhouse, a street corner, a cabin, etc.) 
  • a LANDSCAPE (from a photo or life)
  • a STILL LIFE (from a photo or life, must contain at least 3 objects
  • an original drawing of your choice (any medium)


Submit a minimum of 5, but not more than 7, costume design drawings on 8 ½” x 11” paper. There are no restrictions on the interpretations, but that the designs should be original and 

Drawings may be mounted on card-stock, or comparable material.

Feel free to include fabric or trimming swatches to enhance your presentation.

Photographs of original costume or sewing projects may also be included.



Fill a shoebox with a three dimensional art sculpture and/or environment that shows your creativity and ingenuity.  Use paint, hot glue, cardboard, recycled items, and any other 'found' materials in a unique way.  Use this opportunity to express your ability to be inventive, thrifty and imaginative.  Make sure all object(s) are firmly glued and attached!!!