In the theatre, three elements are trained as one: 

  • the mind (intelligence)
  • the body (activity)
  • and the heart (soul)

In a teenager, these are often considered three different things and developed individually. Students usually consider activities as either physical or mental:

  • I am in an academic class and must use my mind
  • I am in a P.E. class and I use my body 
  • I am ruled by my feelings in my day to day activities with my fellow students 

In the theater, these three elements must be considered and dealt with as one entity, or the mind-body dichotomy" is created: My body does one thing, while my mind does another.

Our training makes these three elements a whole.

Grounding is reinforced in Asian Theatre, gesture is reinforced and expanded in Afro-Haitian dance, the lyric of language is reinforced in Singing for the Actor, working in an ensemble and listening is improved in Clowning and contact improvisation in Dance. To know precisely the value of the spoken word, the power of the operative word and the architect of a written speech are brought into focus in Playwriting, Voice and Shakespeare.