This list helps explain what students will learn in their four years in the Asawa SOTA Theatre Department. We strive:

    • Not to "play act"
    • Not to "play for results"
    • Not to "indicate"
    • To focus and "listen"
    • To be grounded
    • To use our entire being to present a complete character
    • To use appropriate movement & gesture for the character, not to be frightened of the authentic gesture
    • To avoid "happy feet"
    • To avoid "wandering & unspecific movement and gesture"
    • To move on the "emotion" of the line (variation)
    • To gesture appropriately and fully
      • Not to gesture from the elbows
      • Not to "windmill"
      • Not to be a "hem grabber"
    • To find the Arc
    • To have a reason & a point
    • To have an objective
      • To have emotional variation (expressed in vocal, emotional, and movement variation) 
      • Not to make everything equal
    • To have a vivid and seeable second character
    • To have a seeable "where"
    • To love the art in them, not them in the art
    • To work outside of your comfort zone
    • To know precisely the value of the spoken word, the power of the operative word and the architect of a written speech