To be considered for an audition, students must submit a portfolio of original artwork, presented in a presentation binder or portfolio, with the student's name, grade level and phone number printed clearly on the front. Please include a recommendation from a current or recent art teacher.


Optional items: photographs of any three-dimensional items such as ceramic or sculptural pieces with a brief written description.

A minimum of 10 ORIGINAL pieces, but no more than 15 must be submitted for the portfolio. All pieces must be from life - not a photograph. 

REQUIRED pieces include 3 or more drawings or paintings from EACH of the following subject areas:

Portraits/Self-Portrait - 3 minimum

  • 1 self-portrait, 1 profile, 1 front view
  • any medium

Still Life - 3 minimum

  • 3 or more objects in each drawing
  • any medium

Landscape - 3 minimum

  • may include interior or exterior view
  • Demonstrate spatial relationships
  • any medium

Additional work - 1-5 pieces