A classically based choral and voice training program, Vocal Music currently offers two strands of study: 


Classical Voice is rooted in the study of European classical literature, world music, and twentieth century music with extended study possible in jazz, musical theatre, pop, and gospel.  Students sing in a variety of ensembles and study solo art song repertoire, opera, music history, foreign-language diction, composition, and much more.

Jazz & Contemporary 

Jazz & Contemporary Voice offers students a rigorous exploration of many different genres of contemporary vocal music, including Jazz, Blues, Pop, Folk, and much more. Students sing in small, a capella ensembles and study solo literature, improvisation, Jazz history, and practical skills in keyboard and arranging.  

Vocal students audition for one strand or the other and take classes in their designated concentration, though some genre-specific classes may be made available to all students, depending on schedule, class size, and availability. 

All Vocal students are members of the Concert Choir and must complete two years of basic music theory to qualify for upper-level theory courses or electives.