We seek students with a strong interest in dance from different cultures. Be prepared to spend three full hours at the audition. Prior dance experience is not required. Please wear comfortable, athletic clothes. No shoes are required. Bring water.

MASTER CLASS The audition will start with a 1 1/2 hour masterclass that includes warmup, featuring two different styles of movement, West African and Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance). You are not expected to be trained in these styles; judges will want to see how you learn new movements. As part of this master class, you will also be taught a choreography from the video below (video of Sofa, simple steps). This will give your judges a chance to see how you can learn movement over time, since you will have the video to study from. 

PERSONAL INTERVIEW & DEMONSTRATION Each student who auditions will also be asked to show one minute of her/his own choreography in any style or one-minute of choreography learned from someone else. You will introduce yourself as well as the piece you are performing. If you have training in any traditional style of dance (Folklorico, Polynesian, etc.), please show a piece of choreography that reflects this training. You may wear a costume if you choose. Please keep in mind that we will be assessing your performance potential, so remember to smile, or show whatever emotion is appropriate to your dance! Faculty may ask you questions about your background and training. 

*If you are bringing recorded music for your audition, the department will have speakers with AUX ports.

PRE-AUDITION MATERIALS Before the audition, please answer the following two questions and bring your printed out answers to the audition. Please keep it to one page or less. 

Describe why you are interested in the World Dance program at SOTA. We will be looking for your unique voice and want to hear what you would contribute to the program if accepted. This is also your opportunity to tell us about yourself, specifically your interest and/or experience in dance.  


Why do you think it is important to have a World Dance program?