Prior musical background or proficiency in a musical instrument are not required to audition. We seek curios students with a strong desire to learn about the music of world cultures. Be prepared to spend three full hours at the audition.


  • two (2) short rhythm selections as shown in the videos 


  • for a one (1) hour general information meeting
  • a group Taiko drumming class
    • drum sticks and drums provided
  • to present an original short composition 
  • may use instruments in the dojo
  • may bring own instrument(s)




The first hour consists of an overview of the entire program, general information about Asawa SOTA, and a group Taiko drumming class. The rest of the time is spent on Individual auditions, approximately 5-7 minutes each. Applicants will be provided drum sticks and drums for the audition. In addition, students will be required to present a short composition for their audition, using instruments in the dojo (taiko drums, congas, percussion) or they are welcome to bring their own. Dress in comfortable clothing and bring water!


Clap a 3/2 clave while keeping the downbeat with your feet.


Using alternating 16th notes between your right and left hand, play an accented 3/2 clave for 4 bars and switch into 3/2 swung clave at metronome setting 110. Watch this video for demonstration.


Each number represents the number of times you hit the drum alternating with your right and left stick. 

After the odd numbers: - jump and click your drumsticks above your head and say "hup". Return to same drum 

After the even numbers: take a step to the drum on your right, while moving your drumsticks to mimic windshield wipers moving from right to left and say "so-re".

The backs of a set of chairs makes a good practice set.


  3) Short Composition Project or Creative Project


Think outside the box and showcase your creativity in this short composition project, from 30 seconds - 1 minute in length. Using the skills shown in the taiko back beat videos and drawing upon your own musical experience, the piece must include the following: 

• voice (call out, not melodic singing)  • choreography (arms and or body movement) • form (a beginning, middle and end)

You will be asked to perform your composition in your individual audition. You may use instruments in the dojo (taiko drums, congas, percussion) or bring your own, including most household objects.

Questions? Contact the director, Monina Sen Cervone.